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My name is Riaz Hassan and I am standing for election to the Senedd to be the member for Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire – the most beautiful part of Wales.

I am married to Misbha and we have two teenage children – Adam and Zoya.

This is an election like no other because it’s a time like no other.  Talking with local people, I know everyone is desperate to put Covid behind us and rebuild our economy, our education, our health.  Rebuild our lives.


Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire deserves a Welsh Labour Senedd Member taking us forward with confidence, with positivity, and with challenge when it’s needed.


I hold two Masters degrees and my last one was in 'Social Development Planning and Managment' from Swansea University and I work as a Community Cohesion Manager across three Welsh counties.  My previous job with IUCN-The World Conservation Union has given me real-life experience bringing people together for a common purpose and dealing with the impact of climate change.


I have the skills and the passion to make a real difference in the Senedd.  I'll work hard for my constituents to help them with any problems.  And I'll work hard to build the Wales we all need.


Follow me on social media.  Make sure you’re registered and please use your vote.


The past year has been a rollercoaster of heartbreak and hope.  We’ve got through it as a nation by working together.  With my experience as a community cohesion manager across several Welsh counties I will help us stay connected after the crisis is over.


The Welsh vaccination rollout has been a triumph, and now - with lower infection rates than other parts of the UK - our Welsh Government under Mark Drakeford is carefully lifting restrictions.


It’s been hard on businesses but support for business in Wales has been the most generous throughout the UK, with rate relief for smaller firms, tourism and hospitality extended for another year.  We need it, and it was the right call.


I want us to look forward


Our health means everything and our Welsh Labour Government will ramp up appointments and operations to tackle the Covid backlog.  As your Senedd Member I will make that an absolute priority.  And a renewed emphasis on mental health and wellbeing will help us rebuild our lives and plan for the future.  Cultural events will open again – and sports like my favourites rugby and cricket. 


Learning for life.  More funding to provide bright, modern schools.  Free school meals extended to help more families.  As a father of two teenagers, I welcome our plans for quality apprenticeships, training and higher education – with the best student support package in the UK.

Local jobs in new industries.  Marine renewable energy projects providing up to 1800 jobs are in the pipeline for Pembroke Dock.

More focus on towns like Carmarthen will provide local jobs and keep town centres alive.

I have worked internationally to promote environmental justice, and I know we can achieve even greater things in Wales.  Tackling climate change with green transport and energy.  Better broadband so we can work from or close to home.

In Wales we can see the difference.  We are beating the virus for everyone we love.  And we’re beating it together.


Now we’ll put that determination into building back a better, brighter and fairer Wales.


Vote Welsh Labour on Thursday 6th May 2021. 

For me – Riaz Hassan, for your list candidates,

and for our Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Philippa Thompson.


Together we the people achieve more than any single person could ever do alone.

The past couple of weeks have been truly inspiring, with sports, leisure and community venues opening their doors to Covid vaccination sessions, and some local GP surgeries racking up over 1,000 vaccine injections in one day.


Riaz said, “Many people receiving the vaccine have spoken to me about their own relief, but also about the incredible energy and positivity of the staff and volunteers involved in the rollout.


“The past eleven months have been hard.  The Welsh Government has thrown everything at the virus because it simply had no choice.  Driving down infection to stop the country being overwhelmed has been the top priority. 


“It still is.  But now we can begin to look to the future.  First Minister Mark Drakeford has said we can look at lifting some restrictions around Easter time.  This will be vital to our tourism and hospitality industry and for the wellbeing of the people who live here.



“We can start to use that same headroom to tackle the waiting lists which have grown in some clinical specialities, and which have caused hardship and heartbreak to so many people.  


"The overall NHS Wales workforce has grown by almost 12% over the last five years, and since 2015-16 health spending per person in Wales has grown by 20% compared with 15% in England.  Those headline figures really do matter because they mean we have the capacity to move forward.


"I know Welsh Labour Government plans include using the headroom given by reduced infection rates to ramp up procedures and appointments to tackle the backlog, and as an elected member of the Senedd I will make that an absolute priority.”

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"Alone, we can do so little;
Together we can do so much"
- Helen Keller