Local effort puts paid to waste

Senedd candidate Riaz Hassan is championing local action to help solve global problems.  Riaz told us, “We know that recycling is a good thing and helps tackle climate change as well as preventing waste being dumped on other countries.  But what we may not know is that Pembrokeshire is leading the way in Wales’ recycling effort. Now 72% of all household waste in the county is recycled.  


“This is down to the magnificent effort of Pembrokeshire citizens doing their bit with kerbside recycling - an increase in just one year of almost 40% plastics, metal packaging, tetra-paks and cardboard, 34% food waste and 19% glass – all recycled instead of going to landfill.

“Of course it doesn’t stop there - we want to cut down on packaging too.  Consumer influence is vital in so many aspects of our daily lives and as a Senedd member I will hold citizen’s panels on topics that matter to us all.  My previous work as a Coordinator for IUCN - the World Conservation Union, has taught me that real, sustainable change only happens when local people have a proper say.”


Councillor Joshua Beynon said, “Pembrokeshire now has the best recycling rate in Wales and I was proud to lead the task and finish group in achieving this. I am proud to support Riaz who understands like me the importance of making changes locally to influence changes nationally. I believe as our Senedd member Riaz would push for more opportunities to change our lives for the better.” 

Editor’s note: Please contact Christine Gwyther, Riaz’ agent, during office hours on 0773 333 212  or gwytherchristine@gmail.com. Otherwise email Riaz at riaz.wales@gmail.com